KK Slider - Sounds and Vibrations

by KK Slider

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Composed in Summer 2010.

01. Sounds and Vibrations
I. (3:39)
II. (2:06)
III. (3:30)
IV. (5:35)
V. (12:16)
VI. (5:30)
VII. (4:02)
VIII. (4:57)
IX. (5:31)

Total time - 47:06

No titles, no words. Just sounds, and vibrations.

Poetry apart, it's basically a single track divided in multiple segments. It's a collection of sounds, combining together to create a unique, experimental ambiance. Style-wise, it's both dark and soothing, a yin and yang of emotions, the triumph of opposites. It's a mixture of soundscapes that spans through various subgenres of ambient and minimalist music. The concept behind this is simple: not everything is supposed to be named or catalogued, sometimes we just have the urge to escape from an overly organized world... Escaping from titles, frantic lives. Sometimes, you need to put your mind switch on "off", sit back, and relax. No thoughts, no names, no words. Once you achieved that void, push "play", and dream. Embrace the sounds.


released June 22, 2011

KK Slider




KK Slider Palermo, Italy

I love blending styles, particularly noise, glitch, orchestral and electronic ambiance. I usually reject genres and I tend to not put a label on my tracks. When you listen to my music, have a relaxed, chilled approach - be open-minded and welcome any sound you hear. Try not focusing on something in particular, just close your eyes and let your imagination guide you in the worlds I've crafted. /KKS ... more

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