Creative Introspection [EP]

by KK Slider

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Creative Introspection [EP]

01. Dreamful Stargazing (02:52)
02. One Last Chance (01:28)
03. The Eye of Dawn (08:30)
04. Subconscious Mind (05:34)
05. Glitch de Chocobo (03:59)

Total time - 22:23

Tracks description:
Dreamful Stargazing - Has anybody tried wandering into nature just outside your house, with all lights turned off and gazing at the beautiful kingdom which lies above us?
Have you ever imagined to stare at one star in particular and imagine countless moons and planets, probably with sentient beings living peacefully with each other? Dreaming of a utopian world, dreaming of us humans being what we were in the origins... Dreaming of purity.

One Last Chance - One last chance to live the life you've always wanted to.
You never realized what you had until it's all gone.
It is now a race against time, and you're only left with the strength and will to make your dream come true.
Pouring out your last drop of vitality, you close your eyes, smiling for the first time.

The Eye of Dawn - Tales have told about an enchanted forest, crawling with life and peculiar creatures, of all sizes and colors. They say every dawn a little patch of meadow at the center of the wood, free from the trees fronds, is brightly illuminated by the Sun and the ghosts of those that suffered a tragic fate wonder the area seeking eternal peace, enshrouded in ethereal mist. That place is thus called "Eye of Dawn".

Subconscious Mind - A trip into subconscious, the basement of one's self pyramid.
Who knows what lies beneath, but the answer is yourself.

Glitch de Chocobo - A tribute to Final Fantasy fans' favorite fictional animal and to Mr. Nobuo Uematsu.


released July 23, 2011

KK Slider




KK Slider Palermo, Italy

I love blending styles, particularly noise, glitch, orchestral and electronic ambiance. I usually reject genres and I tend to not put a label on my tracks. When you listen to my music, have a relaxed, chilled approach - be open-minded and welcome any sound you hear. Try not focusing on something in particular, just close your eyes and let your imagination guide you in the worlds I've crafted. /KKS ... more

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